When Prosecutors, Judges and Police Union Join Forces To Suppress

Suppression is real, some are maimed while others are killed
when prosecutors, judges and police union seeks injustice
injustice the public gets, as cops shoot to kill, innocent or not
no answers to why forthcoming, crimes upheld by the court
as the public outcry…

A short snapshot into the life and times of a US diplomat

Colin Powell, the former secretary of state and retired four-star general died today of complications related to Covid-19. Note, he was fully vaccinated. He was a man of integrity, notoriety, renowned statue, and respected by Republicans and Democrats.

He was born in New York City, 84 years ago, and after…

How an actor found his niche and was beloved for the joy he brought to many

Actors who make a living at their craft deserve many accolades for striving in the entertainment industry thereby acquiring the title working actor. Mr. …

How what you say can hurt or destroy another

Words do matter and affect
when the wrong words are said
a heart somewhere is affected
when the wrong words are said
a spirit is derailed in real time
when the wrong words are said
a wounded soul appears deflated
when the wrong words are said
harmony goes…

A short poem about how to bring peace, harmony, and love back

“Love worketh no ill to his neighbor;…” (Romans 13:10).

Love Ministry

We must minister in love one to another

For love is of the Creator and no other

They who love must love like the Creator

Form a relationship with him sooner or later

If you know…

How racist and sexist posts on social media reveal who they really are

Hardly a day goes by without learning of some bad deeds committed by police law enforcement around the country. From excessive force during traffic stops, chokehold, murder, beatings, and overall becoming more and more a public nuisance. …

How Dr. Bath became a trailblazer getting a patent for a medical invention for the blind that all begun with a gift from her mother

Patricia Era Bath, a native of New York City’s Harlem was born on November 4, 1942, to Rupert Bath, the first Black motorman for the…

How to improve your health by drinking natural pomegranate juice

While green veggies are healthy, there are other veggies that are equal counterparts that give the body a healthy boost. …

How America need to reckon with its racist past and through education that can happen

Some day this country will happen to reckon with its past or it will forever haunt and keep many perpetrators in prison shivering with fear of being found out.

California is one of the few…

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