When Prosecutors, Judges and Police Union Join Forces To Suppress

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Suppression is real, some are maimed while others are killed when prosecutors, judges and police union seeks injustice injustice the public gets, as cops shoot to kill, innocent or not no answers to why forthcoming, crimes upheld by the court as the public outcry for reform, refunding and accountability hangs in the balance, as wrongs are denied in courts wearing business suits, robe and gavel, covers the cops’ backs when a tree dies, it must be rooted out, to replant the legal system so corrupt by the wrong forces like…

How Nazario Saved his Life by Remaining Calm and Driving to a Lighted Gas Station Area Before Interacting with the Cops

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Recently a video surfaced on social media and went viral depicting a man of color being harassed by two white cops. December 5, 2020, Army Lt. Nazario on one fine day found himself accosted by two rambo cops who demanded him to exit his car while he attempted to inform them that he was afraid due to what might happen to him, and one cop responded, “You should be afraid!” His words said it all.

These police offers terrified…

What Happened To the Black Officer Who Intervened to Stop White Officer’s Violence?

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Doing the right thing supposed to come with rewards and accolades especially when it comes to public service, e.g. firemen, policemen, etc. Well, it’s a new day and a new way where doing the right thing is not honorable but a hazard to one’s occupation while being a cop.

May 2008, this particular cop arrived to work as usual to protect and serve and in doing so, her life changed for ever as she was fired as she stopped a colleague’s chokehold. With the advent of recordings…

A story about a rapper who had a raspy voice, like none other, deep, frantic and hoarse with a coiled intensity

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DMX, aka Earl Simmons, a New York rapper prowled the stage tantalizing the audience and his fans with eyes aflame, with a physical manifestation of his inner turmoil from an early age. Imbued with much talent, an energy and a message that many identified with, but drug usage became his undoing. Drugs in society is a big money maker and has befallen many, some famous and not so famous, but nevertheless, to often the end result was the same…

A short story about Duante Wright becoming a victim of home grown police domestic terrorisms and racial pandemic on the rise against people of color

Photo by Courtesy Wright Family

Protect and serve in the police department seem to be on the back burner of practically non-existing in the Black and Brown communities. Rather, it is shoot to kill even if its a minor traffic stop infraction pertaining to dangling air fresheners in the rear view mirror. Really, Mr. cop? Tell the real truth why you really stopped this young man and his girlfriend. Did it all have anything to do with skin color by…

A short story, a glimpse into the history of Bruce Beach being returned back to Its long overdue rightful owners’ descendants

Photo by Allen J. Schaben, Los Angeles Times

Bruce’s Beach, in the city of Manhattan Beach, may return to its rightful owner. For hundreds of years, African American have faced many similar plights where homes, lands, invention, music and dance have been stolen and the day has come for much to be reckoned with. Yes, it is time for many, African America, Native American, Mexican American, to get their forty acres and a mule. Much has been stolen from others since the large migration to America and…

A short story, a glimpse into the life and times of Prince Phillip life from afar

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When God allows someone to live for almost a hundred years, that truly means that person has done something right. Today, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, a member of the British royal family and the husband of Queen Elizabeth II has join the ranks of the other centenarians that God has called home from the blessing of longevity.

Prince Philip was born into the Greek and Danish royal families. Well that was a good start in life…

How two cops were in search of a unknown perpetrator grabs the first black man seen against the words of the caller, as the real perpetrator was white

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Antone Austin, aka Tone Stackz found himself fighting for his life as he exited his home to put the trash in his garbage ben as two cops approached him without warrant or reason, as begun to harass, demanding he put his hands up as he asked what was the problem. Even as the caller, advised he was not the man called about while Mr. Austin’s girlfriend intervene to explain and prevent them…

A short summary of a voice snuffed out too soon

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What happened to protect and serve? Did that not include me and the likes?!

My name is Atatiana Jefferson you took my life, at my home, with my nephew, in my community, Why was I Killed

Xavier Graduate, bachelor in biology, worked in pharmaceutical sales, productive citizen, Why was I Killed

Planned to go to medical school, support my family, the next role model, Why was I Killed

Did all the right thing, living my life, as God intended, Why was I Killed

President Obama’s Iconic Granny in Kenya transitioned, March 29, 2021

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Sarah Onyango Obama born 1922 was a Kenyan educator, philanthropist, and strong, virtuous woman, an icon of family values who held together the Obama family, died at 99 years old. She was the third wife of the paternal grandfather of U.S. president Barack Obama who lived in Nyang’oma Kogelo village, west of western Kenya’s main city, Kisumu, on the edge of Lake Victoria.

Ms. Obama, called “Granny Sarah” by President Obama but she was not a blood relative. However, she spoke very little English, while her native language was Luo…

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