Week 5 — Breast Cancer Change My Life

EP McKnight, MEd
4 min readMay 13, 2017

All is well, minor discomfort but yet fitting in my regular clothes. Thought that would be an issue but so far not an issue. Have been attending many events and was thinking people would notice my chest or breast. I was so wrong no one noticed. Have returned to teaching fitness at the gym after being absent for a month, and all is great. Once I explained in brief that I had a tumor and it had to be removed, all were okay. Followed with a question, “Are you okay?” I replied that I am fine and conversation proceed as usual. When people really care, they don’t have to have all the small details but just wish you well. I admit I was nervous but with such warm reception, my nervousness disappeared. Then there was the issue of could I physical teach cycling having been away so long but it’s like riding a regular bike, once you are on it, it comes back to you.

I had not plan to get on the bike but was going to call out the ques but I found myself hopping on the bike and the rest is history. Have taught two classes and so far I feel fine. My doctor had concerns of me compromising my upper body but I monitor my movements and if I don’t my class keeps me in check. i.e. i literally moved the bike from one position to another and one of the members yelled, “did you just move that bike?” and I was surprised I did it but I was on automatic pilot. I am okay, nevertheless.

Monday have to return to my doctor to add salin to the Expander. The process is easy but hours later I found that I am in so much pain and it’s almost unbearable. I can sleep, pain radiates from my chest to my back and the discomfort level is through the roof. After that night, it goes away. I assume my muscles are resisting the expansion in a big way. The last time, I almost got the muscle relaxants prescription but don’t like chemicals in my body.

Good part about this whole ordeal, I can see the end of the tunnel, the rainbow is rising high. and no more tumor.

Have modified my eating habits, mostly veggies and lots of herbal teas. Feel better, look better and lost a few pounds. Bought a veggie bullet to assist me in my consumption of veggies in different ways. Will advise later how it works. Onward and upward!

Oh by the way, it’s kind of nice not to have to worry about a bra if I don’t want to but out of habit, I wear one. Those dresses that you can wear a bra, this is perfect. It’s all like a new life for me, like being a young girl again.

Told my husband, my breastesses are standing at attention and heading toward my face whereas yesterday my old breatesses were heading south on a daily basis. LOL!! Nature gets us all. At least now, Nature is giving me a reprieve. Yeah!!

Gosh, now in some my dresses, I don’t have to be concerned with a bra or bra straps. Experimenting with a lot of my old dress and so far all are fitting just fine. Last night, we went to the Vargas Circus in town, and I put on a dress I had worn in a year or so, only because you have to have the right bra but yesterday needed not be concerned about bra straps or otherwise. Starting to like this new me. Sometimes, I feel a little self conscious but in time, I will release these unwarranted feelings. All is well for this week. Time is marching on and much is behind be and I am thankful. Hope this helps another.

Monday, I have to return to the doctor for more salin in my expanders. The first day is the most difficult. Not looking forward to it but I will get through it, as the two times before and pretty soon all of this will be behind me. Stay tune!



EP McKnight, MEd

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