Week 18 Implant Surgery Pending

Implant Surgery is next week and I so want it over and too get on with my life. Will be thrilled and relieved to have the expanders remove from my breast. Thank God the implants are so much softer. I can sleep on m stomach once again. Lately, I have been sleeping on my back and side as my doctor recommended. Thus far, living life as usual and all is going well, except still trying to get used to the hard expanders that sometimes move at night when I lay a certain way. They seem to shift in a very awkward position. For the most part have gotten used to it but will be glad to move on with my life and no more surgery after the implant surgery. It has been a journey and have had the best medical staff, doctors and a wonderful supportive husband.

Also, currently I am in the midst of producing my Breast Cancer Play called “For the Rainbow Ladies Who Chose Life When Death Knocked” which will be produced at Camp Keepsake in October 2017 as the closing day event of a weekend of workshops, entertainment, etc. Have assembled the cast and preparing for rehearsal, etc. All is going well so far. Will have all my surgeries behind me by this time. Perfect time to celebrate and to cheer others on who may be facing a life threatening challenge or similar surgeries.

A few weeks ago, I was given a date for surgery and my pre opt appointment. The pre opt is usually done a few weeks before surgery. As you know, the pre opt is too ensure that all my vitals and your heart are healthy enough for surgery. On yesterday, I had my pre opt appointment, saw the doctor who examined my breast and advised all has healed perfectly and looking good for upcoming surgery. She addressed my two main concerns, the size of the implants and returning to the gym. She reassured that regarding the size of the implants that she would share my concerns with the plastic surgeon and she advised that he does a perfect job in satisfying his patients. She also advised prior to my surgery, the plastic surgeon will go over all the details again with me. Regarding the gym, she advised to stay away from the gym for at least two weeks to ward off getting an infection from the germy gym. She also advised that I should not sweat, because my sweat can also cause an infection on my own body. Well this statement communicated volumes. I have come to far too be stupid now.

Was a bit concern about sweating and teaching my cycling class, so today I did a trial run to see if I did not actually get on the bike would I sweat or not. Guess what. Yes, not only did I sweat but became animated while walking around instructing the class. After my surgery, I cannot afford to take a chance and cause myself injury so I will be abstaining from the gym, teaching and sweating.

Not wanting to take two weeks of from my class that I adore and after having been off a few months ago for almost a month, I didn’t know how to tell them that I will be gone agan. Didn’t know if I should wait until the last minute before surgery and tell them partial truth because I didn’t want the whole gym to know my situation but somehow I blurted it all out before I knew it today.

Immediately following class explained to my class that I will be out for at least a week or so for healing. Also, I expressed my regret of taking off from them and they all were so very supportive and understanding. What a relief!!

They are like my extended family. Every class with them is filled with much love and a fun adventure. FYI, for my wedding they gave me a wedding shower in the gym and it was awesome. Anyway, I am relieved that they understand my plight.

Next week is my surgery date and I will keep you posted on the results. Hoping my journey, is helping someone else. That is my heart’s desire. Please you have my permission to share this with anyone whom it can help. Next time, I will share about my implant surgery. May add some pictures of before and after, not sure. No promises yet.