Week 12 Breast Cancer/First Airplane Trip with Expanders In Place vs Security

Happy to report, life does get better if you don’t give up on life. Had a little pain in my back and chest due to teaching too many fitness classes at the gym but have since cut back. Pain is gone and I feel great.

Took my first airplane trip since my surgery. My doctor warned me that the security system may alarm due to my expanders in my chest. Guess it must be metal or at least have some metal components. Well, I guess this would explain why they are so hard. At night, sometimes it feels like the metal moves around with my arm muscles. I have gotten used to it, so it’s okay.

Regarding my trip, as I approached security I looked around to see who was near just in case when the alarm goes off due to my expanders I won’t be embarrassed while the entire airport is looking. My doctor advised that everyone is so busy with their own stuff they wont’ notice. Well, I was still nervous. My doctor gave me a card stating that I had a double mastectomy and I guess the expanders in place.

Checked for my card before arriving at the Los Angles airport, just in case I had to whip it out. First I put my backpack on the conveyor belt and my other items. Didn’t have to take off my shoes. The security staff beckoned me to come through, I was frogen in place wondering if I should full out my card first before the alarm sounds. She beckoned me again, yet I hesitated until my spirit advised me to try and go through. I walk through with my heart in my mouth and about to pass out as soon as I hear one bell. I am thinking, “God what am I going to do if this becomes a big scene, what is the worst thing they will do to me, will I have to strip, will they check out my breast to confirm the expanders are in place” all the while holding my breath as I pass through. Entering in, passing through and not a sound. I was like, “Really?!I have never been so relieved to get through security at the airport. Thank you Jesus, I am on my way to visit my mother for the first time since my surgery. Had a great time.

Now, my return flight, I was hoping to have the same luck I did in the beginning of my trip, no major alarms signaling me for a strip search. Got to the Louis Armstrong Airpot, checked in and proceed to check point. Thank God the airport was not crowded at all and if the alarm sounds because of my expanders it would be okay, just a few people around. I can handle that. After checkin, I proceed to the conveyor belt and was quickly advised to go on the othre side and I didn’t have to remove my shoes. I proceeded and there was only one passenger in front of me and he was so busy with all his stuff, I could fall out and die and he wouldn’t even notice. This guy had enough stuff in little containers to equip several offices. Some dropping on the floor, pens, pencils, rings, you name it he had it. I put my backpack on the belt and was beckoned to come through, slowly I proceed holding my breath again and God step in again, silence. What a relief!!!

Didn’t have to show my card not once. Never knew about this. It’s amazing the things you don’t learn until you go through something yourself. I always thought, breast implants, was one of the easiest and basic surgery because so many people are doing it. Oftentimes, people forget the small details once they have healed up and all. Just wanted to advised so that you, the reader, will be informed and will inform others.

When you know better you do better. FYI,don’t forget to workout, mentally, physicality and spiritually. There are books, videos, literature, social media to help.

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