Week 11 Breast Cancer Changed My Life/Exercise Resurrected It

EP McKnight, MEd
4 min readJun 22, 2017

This is my eleventh week since my surgery and I have come a long way. It has not been easy, yet it has not been all bad either. I did what I had to do, needed to do and feel I made the right decision to going forward with my life. At least now, I don’t have to look over my shoulder after year after a mammogram wondering if Breast Cancer would raise it’s ugly head. Now, it can’t with a double mastectomy.

As you may have recalled from week ten that I was having some pain in my back and chest due to teaching three fitness classes back to back. Will never do that again. Sneezing, getting up out of the bed and some days sharp pains in my left breast, felt like I had taken a giant step backwards. My husband messaged my back that helped for the moment and back to the regular discomfort.

There was a Celebrity Fitness Fundraiser with Shaun T being one of the headliners. He is the founder of Insanity, so I wanted to go just to check out his work and do some networking for my new fitness band line that’s coming out in a few weeks. Concerned about my pain, I decided not to raise my arms too high or move my back too exaggerated the existing pain. Ole, my husband, attended with me.

This was downtown Los Angeles, we arrived way early and got the perfect parking spot right in front of the building. Go inside, see all these girls and guys ready to workout. Needless to say, I felt a little intimated because I felt I was limited due to my pain and had to take it easy. Truthfully, I couldn’t allow vanity to take over and had to force myself to be a realist that I just had surgery weeks ago.

In walks Shaun T and everybody just screamed. He was full of energy and set the room on fire. I felt like I was in trouble and was a little scared that I could not keep up and Shaun T would noticed. He started jumping, the music pumping, the girls and guys started to moving and Ole was videotaping me, wow, talk about pressure but I was determined to do me.

God is awesome! There were two instructors with Shaun T to variate his movements, low impact, high and challenged. This was like Christmas morning, I was so relieved to do the low impact when all else was too much. This was just what the doctor ordered and what I needed. For forty five minutes, I migrated between low and high impact and was able to hold my own. Oh by the way, looked around me and saw a few others much younger and able who were also doing the low impact. Now, I am feeling real good.

Afterwards, he gave a very motivational talk about living your life and following your dreams. Afterwards, we walked around and visited other classes and vendors. Physically,I felt great but was a little scared that later I would pay a price for what I did. Yes, the pain was still there.

That was on Saturday, and for the week that followed, I limited working out heavy weights with my arms and now the pain is starting to subside a little so I will continue this into next week. My lower body workout will continue. As a matter of fact, have created some resistance bands workout for those who want to workout at home or the gym and get maximum results. See below.

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