The Longest Stroke-Dementia Road To Somewhere Journal

EP McKnight, MEd
5 min readDec 11, 2018

Love, Honor, Loyalty and Faith Challenging Days!!!!

There are times in life that puts one on the boundaries of wondering where does love, honor, loyalty and faith begins or ends or not!!!

A birthday, I shall never forget!!

Sunday, November 18, my birthday!!! This birthday I shall never forget!! You know what they say, “if you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans! Was looking forward to celebrating my birthday with my mom for the first time in a very long time and just do all sorts of girl fun stuff. Also, had plans to take her to my book club group and was looking forward to meeting all the ladies and discussing the book along with introducing them for the first time in person to my mother. Well, needless to say, fate had another agenda, whether I liked it or not.

Sitting in a hospital room wasn’t quite the way I wanted to celebrate my birthday entertaining my mother’s raft for bringing her to the hospital. Never have seen someone who hates hospital more than me. Well, that would be my mom. I was thrilled to see Sunday’s daylight and had big hopes of returning home. Well, you can tell by that statement, I was clueless to the effects of a stroke especially after the doctor advised a mini stroke will heal itself. So I figured , let it heal as I exit this hospital with my mother. Every seconds was like an hour as my mother fought with all her might to leave the hospital. Not only did she refuse to eat the food, but would not allow me out of her sight. Day two, no bath, no sleep, and anguished, I really felt like a hot mess on my birthday of all days.

We had breakfast, no release papers arrived, then there was lunch, no released given and now dinner, no release paper and I am starting to get concern where all this is heading. By that evening, my mother refused to remain in her room and wanted to leave faster than a tsunami! There was no pacifying her. The medical staff couldn’t convince her to stay. Doctors, nurses, and aides, all tried to appease her and she was not having it. One nurse grabbed her in a wheelchair and off she went around the corridor! My mother seemed calm and collected. What a relief I thought!! Haha!! Big false alarm. She was only quiet because she thought she was exiting the hospital. Once the nurse stopped wheeling her around, she started ranting again. I…

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