December 6, 2018, Thursday!! The Endless Question!!!

As usual, Mother and I, performed the regular morning routine. Waking up Mother to get started for the day. Wanted to create some consistency because dementia like routine and familiar. The more the routine and the more familiar Mother becomes, the quicker her healing process. My desire was to make her as independent as before despite her limitations due to the mini stroke. This would prepare her for her return to her home that she desperately long to be.

Following is her routine to familiarity and consistency. During her bathing challenge, she plowed along. Allowed her initially, to sponge bath herself after a few days home. The bathtub proved to be more complex at this appointed time. Taking care of her personal needs proved to be a bit cumbersome due to her dominant hand being affected by the stroke. Left brain stroke affects the right side of the body. Regardless, she was determined to be successful at whatever task I gave her. It didn’t matter that she couldn’t bath herself as in the past, but the fact that she could do some seem to satisfy her. She was satisfied and so was I. I’d seen some stroke patients become totally dependent on others to take care of their needs. Thank God Mother’s prognosis was far better.

Her dressings challenge was very creative and interesting. I’d lay out her clothes and she’d find all sorts of creative ways to get her clothes on fully or partially. I didn’t assist until she yelled out for help. I’d give her each clothing items to put on and left the room to allow her whatever amount of time needed. Leaving the room while she dressed gave her independence and not making her feel inferior or incompetence in anyway.

Very quickly with all the repetition, morning and night, she became very adequate at clothing herself quickly. For me, this was gratifying. For her, it seem just what she does naturally. She was clueless to her inability or never focused on it.

This process caused her to strengthen the right hand, the right leg became more steadier but the communications still was not the best but some words were clearer than others. As long as there was progress, I knew we were on the right track and as the doctor…

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