January 25, 2019 Friday — -”Home Sweet Home, Bittersweet!”

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home!”

Today was the first morning home in Mother’s house. She awoke at eight AM, we had breakfast, gave her medicine, fewer trips to the toilet but enough to know the UTI was still an issue. Also, as we chatted, Mother was not sure whose house she was in. She hadn’t taken the time to look but assumed with my presence it probably was my house. I corrected that immediately to get her grounded.

Also, on Thursday night when we arrived it was frigid cold, so the next morning I immediately checked the thermostat for a battery replacement, replaced the battery and the heat came on. Turned off the space heater, the oven and the burners that were used to heat the house.

She was so accustomed to not being home, that she laid around like it wasn’t her house. Funny, thing she never laid around my house, even when I encouraged a nap. So her action confirmed that her spirit knew she was home but the dementia just wasn’t sure.

Mother: Don’t I suppose to go home?

Me: This is your home.

Mother: Oh no!

Where we love is home — home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts”.
I was prepared to leave in a few days and no siblings had stepped up to the plate to take Mother to their home or assist her in her home. Since the stroke, she is not capable of being home alone. Texted all my siblings: “Mother haven’t hear from some of you and if you serve the God she taught you to serve, you owe her your love and support”. No one ever responded to the text. I was very concerned that no one responded but no matter what I had to leave for California. Decided to allow their conscience to be their guide. I had Mother for three months and two weeks, and out of six siblings none wanted to interrupt their lives to continue to support her at the time most needed. One had mentioned earlier as a last resort if no one stepped up she would, even due to health issue but hope that others would step up to give her a chance to heal. Hello, no responses!!

Wanted to acquaint Mother with her neighborhood once again, so we ran some errands to…

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