How I got stains, Issues, Gone with Salt!

EP McKnight, MEd
6 min readSep 2, 2019

Simple tips to make everyday living a breeze and stain freer!!

While salt is a staple in your recipes and flavors your food, there are other ways to use salt that won’t affect your health and/or your recipes. Salt is a preservative in almost all foods, check out what else salt came do outside of the body. Salt can check freshness, make things refreshed, remove stains, balance color and so much more. Enjoy this journey!!

Got fresh or non-fresh eggs? Make sure your eggs are fresh before cooking them in your favorite recipe or frying them and discover a smell that turns your stomach or the yolk is too thick to fry. You can test their freshness, by adding two tablespoons of salt to a cup of water and pop your eggs in. The fresher the eggs, the lower it will be in the water. The fresh eggs will sink right to the bottom while the older eggs or less fresh eggs will float on the top. If the egg floats in the middle, it is halfway between. Eat up!!

Got red wine on your carpet? While white wine will dilute the red wine from your carpet but not entirely. To totally eliminate the residual stain of red wine from your carpet, add salt and banish the red wine from your carpet. After the white wine application, wipe down the area with a sponge and cold water. Next sprinkle some salt and wait around 10–15 minutes. Finally, vacuum the area and see the stain disappear right before your eyes. This salt application may be applied to fabric, clothes and couch cushions, also.

Got stings and bites pains? Relieve those pains easily with a little salt. Stung by a bee, relieve the sting by covering the areas in salt to reduce the swelling and stop or minimize the pain. For insect bite, soak the entire areas in saltwater and then finish off with a coating of vegetable oil.

Got frost on your windows? Salt has always been the greatest enemy of ice. i.e. put salt on ice and watch it dissolve the ice. Ice cream makers of yesterday used salt on ice during the ice cream making process. Notice when roads are covered with ice, what do they use to melt the ice? Salt! Frost on windows, gone with salt.

EP McKnight, MEd

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