6 Ways to Mastering the Art of Mental Stability during Coronavirus

EP McKnight, MEd
6 min readMar 24, 2020

Today was the beginning of the rest of your life, and you should have made every minute count as you use precaution in all your did, said and ingested into your spirit and space.

Many felt helpless, torn and tattered as everyday was consumed with the news of the coronavirus and its moment to moment escalation worldwide. That type of news had inundate the world’s spirit with much hopelessness and despair. The mere thought having looked at the published statistics regarding the coronavirus coupled with the fact that the world was not equipped to handle such a fast moving and complex virus, added to the state of escalated discontent.

As per the news in America, Italy, Germany and China had gained much attention due to their infection rates but the CDC had published a list of other countries affected countries that had not gotten much publicity, nonetheless. coronavirus:https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/cases-updates/world-map.html

The emotional state of the world had been ripped apart as the coronavirus wreaked much havoc that begun with China, then onto other countries like Italy, Germany, Mexico, the United States and others just to name a few.

Death occurred worldwide and almost on an hourly basis, nonstop. Even the living had to fight from feeling like the walking hopeless dead.

We all went to bed one night and the next day awoke having had our freedom snatched away. Curfews instituted for the elderly and all others were cautioned in their travels and association. The culture was upended at the flick of the wrist and changed for ever.

News surrounded and was everyday, that warned all that washing your hand constantly, staying clear of others who appeared sick and being quarantined for a period of time was needed to maintain or contain the virus. People feared the worst while they stampeded supermarkets, stocking up on everything they had within their reach for fear of tomorrow and what it might bring.

After the coronavirus extended outside China, it hit many countries almost simultaneously and had not slowed up for over a month and was still growing. In the United States, all fifty states were affected and continued to be affected in numbers per state.

EP McKnight, MEd

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